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So…I’m supposed to have a speech prepared…Tomorrow!


Yes, I’ve done it yet again!   I’ve waited until the very last second to think about a speech I am going to give tomorrow  night at toastmasters!  It is my 9th speech and the final one to finish the work booklet.  It is going to be a persuasive speech so I need to persuade everyone to do something…but what?

Here are my list of speeches beginning back in August when I first joined toastmasters.

Type of speech –      Title of speech  

1.  Introduction  –          About me.

2. Organizational –         Overcoming your obstacles.

3. Get to the point –       Random acts of kindness.

4. How to say it –            What the blog am I talking about?

5.Your body speaks –   I am a barbarian!

6. Vocal variety  –          Who is driving your life?

7.  Research your topic –  We are all created equal.

8.  Get comfortable with visual aids –  Seeing things a little differently.

9.  Persuade with Power –        ????????


I’ve thought about many different subjects but nothing strikes me as being positively powerful.   Should it be serious, humorous or maybe I can talk them into buying a pair of shoes?   (random joke there.)

I’ve already tried to persuade my dear toastmaster comrades into buying my art, purchasing my book, lose weight,  take control of your life, start a blog and overcome your obstacles.  What could be left for me to talk them into?

Random thoughts come into my mind here…such as taking control of your finances, finding the perfect job or learning a new language but that all sounds very boring.  I’m more in the mood to persuade them to play as if your were a kid again, stand in the rain, sing as loudly as you can or adopt a new puppy.

In other words maybe my speech will be about grasping the very moment we are in…living in the moment whether you are at work, home, in a stressful situation or vacationing.  Enjoy the moment for what it is…good or bad.  For this moment shall never come again.   Make it worthwhile, never regret.

Maybe I can persuade someone to live in the moment more.

Enjoy what you have instead of wishing for what you don’t have.

If just one person would move beyond your comfort zone and learn something new.

Find your passion

Watch a sunset

Find your  happiness.

If I can persuade you to do any one of these things then I have done what I came to do.

So, I’ve written myself into what my speech will be about tomorrow.   Any suggestions to get my point across from any of  you?  


2 comments on “So…I’m supposed to have a speech prepared…Tomorrow!

  1. sherrylcook
    June 14, 2013

    Ok, so I go prepared to do an impromptu speech that I am unprepared for. I was going to speak about being unprepared. I know…(probably not a good idea) As I walked in the door I noticed the room where we usually meet was occupied by a lot of suits and ties. I quickly escaped the scene and retreated back to my home.. Only to wonder to myself “what now?” Obviously I didn’t get the memo.
    Ahhh, another week to prepare.

  2. orestgtd
    June 14, 2013

    How did your Speech #9 go?

    How exciting for you – only one more to finish your CC!

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