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My Cord…My Lifeline.

My Iphone addiction.

Jack and I went in together almost two years ago and purchased Iphones and a plan together. (Now that’s commitment.) I’m definitely not a technology freak but I cannot live without my Iphone. I send and receive emails, text, clock, phone, camera, internet, reminder, navigator, budget planner and game player.

Along with your Iphone you have a cord that plugs into your wall, car charger etc. Now you MUST have a cord at all times or you may run out of battery time. Lord help me if that happens.

I’ve had my phone for two years and I’ve never lost it for more than a day at a time, never broke it although I did drop it in water once but it recovered from that mishap.

You must always have a cord.

I have lost a cord or two that I charge my phone with. My dog has also chewed a few (including Jack’s, poor guy.) We are always buying more cords, switching cords, losing cords and ordering more cords. We found some very cheap ones online but once we got them they were so cheaply made that they didn’t last long.

You must always have a cord.

Now you should realize here that an Ipad cord and an Iphone cord are different sizes… thus one cannot be used for the other. Depending on which “year” your Iphone was made also can affect what type of cord you use.


To give you an indication how much I rely on my phone, I left my phone cord at my daughters studio a few nights ago while painting some props, the only other source of energy for my Iphone was my car charger. Needless to say, I’ve been late to everything (battery goes dead at night and no alarm to wake me) and my entire week has been pure chaos. I plan to get yet another cord today. Just so I can be to work on time Monday.

Do you guys have the same problem as Jack and I do?

Apple products people, please make all your cords the same for us who need a little continuity in their lives.


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