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Might As Well Jump!

Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump

What’s the biggest risk you’d like to take — but haven’t been able to? What would have to happen to make you comfortable taking it?

Today’s daily prompt is easy for me to answer but so hard to do!

The biggest risk I would like to take – but haven’t been able to is…

Getting out of this 7:30 – 4:00 pm rut of working at a job that underpay’s me with no hope for progression in the company.

I want to pursue doing things I enjoy and calling my own hours.  I don’t mind working.  I just want to work at what I enjoy doing.  I feel as though I’ve done my time working at a corporate business helping others to make even more money.  Now, at my age, it’s not all about the money.  It’s about loving what you are doing.

I want to paint, share my story and help others, spend more time with my family, have time to cook meals, plant a garden and just have more time to call my own.  Am I afraid to do it?  YES!

Call me spineless or sissified but quitting a job that you’ve had for eleven years with insurance and paid vacation is not easy.   I have bills to pay, I have to eat, what about insurance?  These are all very real questions.

I haven’t just decided to do this flamboyantly…It is a plan that I conceived years ago.  I’ve followed my plan, I’ve begun my personal business on the side while working.  I can see slow progress being made and I know at some point I will have to “jump” if I want this.

In order for my dream to happen…

I am the type of person that I like to “know” that I will be able to pay my bills, have some sort of steady income to rely on.  As of now, I do not have this.  I will not give up, I will continue to plan, implement and grow my business.

I have the determination, energy and belief that this is what I should do.  So I continue.  I hope everyone gets to see their dream happen during their lifetime.

Much Love to everyone!

Sherry L. Cook

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7 comments on “Might As Well Jump!

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  4. josephrathjen
    June 18, 2013

    Same here, Sherryl. Although I make great money and have only a few years left to retire, I’m afraid my freelance writing business may catch up in time constraints (and hopefully income) to my full-time job, and force me to make a decision. I should be so lucky, huh?

  5. mogispie
    June 18, 2013

    Sounds like there are many of us in wanting to leave the rat race but just can’t risk it. I hope that sooner than later we’ll all get to experience our dream jobs and get paid for it too!

    • sherrylcook
      June 18, 2013

      Oh how I agree with you. It’s not surprising to me to see how many in the daily prompt alone have the same dream.
      Thanks for commenting!

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