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Life’s little annoyance’s. part 1 (my dog)

This is for all of the pet owners out there.  Please don’t get me wrong, I love my animals and will do anything to make sure they are happy, well-adjusted family members but…


While growing up, my family always had our share of pets which at one time or another included dogs, cats, birds, ducks, a horse and any wild animal that was brave enough to get close to us.  Our dogs were usually big dogs and almost always had Labrador retriever in them, which are very smart dogs.

Charlie was one of my favorite dogs who was part golden retriever and cocker spaniel. He was my companion for 14 years and saw me through many of life’s harrowing experiences.  After saying farewell to my beloved Charlie I swore I would never get another dog again because it is too painful to say goodbye.

Golden Lab-cocker spaniel

Six months later I found myself with a small white shih tzu  that was already two years old and needed a home.   Her name is Jasmine.

It took some time for Jasmine and I to bond.  She is quite different from my Charlie.  Small, finicky and obviously not house trained.  I did everything…I bought the little pee pads, took her for walks, stood in the rain while she just looks at me and had long discussions with her about going outside to do her business.

She is afraid of rain, storms, tall grass, other dogs and very peculiar about what she eats.  I have to take her for a walk first thing in the morning before I can even think clearly hoping she will do her business quickly so I can get dressed for work.  Finally after 10 minutes of staring at one another, I will bring her back inside.


After I shower and walk in the kitchen to get some coffee I see where she has decided to do her  business indoors instead.   Ugggggg!!!!!    This dog is a fraction of the size of my Charlie and yet she is ten times more trouble…

She is a sweet little girl but there is just no training her.   I love her very much but there are mornings when I wish I still had my Charlie.  Just open the door and let him go, only to have him back in minutes barking to get in.

Ahhhh….the good old days!

Do you have any annoyances with your fur baby (even though we love them?)


4 comments on “Life’s little annoyance’s. part 1 (my dog)

  1. healthyfrenchie
    July 8, 2013

    Mine loves to roll in anything smelly. He rolled on a dead fish on Friday. I had to wash him before work. And I ended up smelling fish all day! It took 3 more washes to get it out of him!

    • sherrylcook
      July 8, 2013

      ewwww….My big dog Charlie would have done that but my little prissy dog wouldn’t get close to anything smelly! I hope!

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