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Daily Prompt: Fandom

Are you a sports fan?     Tell us about fandom.    

If you’re not, tell us why not.

alabama game


ROLL  TIDE !!!!!

Yes,  I am a 100%  Alabama Roll Tide fan.

Rammer, Jammer, Yellow hammer, give em hell Alabama!

Just forty-nine more days until the first kickoff for the Alabama Crimson Tide.    We are the National Champions and we will do it again this year.

I’m not much of a fan of baseball, soccer, hockey and a few more but give me some Alabama football and I am IN!

I was raised on Alabama football and we take it seriously down here in the south.  I have my hounds-tooth hat, scarf, Alabama shirt and I’m ready.

There were a few times last season where I bit my nails down to the nub and became a drinking women but that’s all par for the course (pardon the pun.) 

So, for all you fanatical football fans out there that may be playing us this season let me just say….

The tide is rolling in!

Yes, that is my wayward son-in-law with the Mississippi State hat on at the end.  We love him anyway!

alabama group

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6 comments on “Fanatical Fandom

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  5. Shanna Livengood
    July 11, 2013

    Roll Tide!

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