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How two young adults can make a difference.

I posted this entry about a week ago on my website.  I thought it would be nice to share with as many people as I could this admirable feat two regular young adults are doing to help raise money for Breast Cancer.  I feel lucky to have met them and I will do my part in beating this disease.   

Please visit Mike and Nate’s website and follow their journey.  They post videos every day or so. Please donate!   They are on the beginning portion of their trip.  Florida to Los Angeles , CA. on bicycle’s!   It’s called “Biking for boobies! ”  They travel 70-80 miles per day and it will take them 50 more days to arrive in Ca.   They just passed through my hometown of Mobile, Al.  They are aiming to raise 37,000.00  from donations from people like you!



Here is how I met them!

Life adventures 1

Sherry L. Cook

    Living on the gulf coast in the American States has its perks.  There are so many wonderful places within a few hours drive to visit.  This past weekend I went to Fort Walton beach, Florida.  Sunny skies, warm temperatures and a laid back attitude. I relaxed and enjoyed the view of the sun rising and setting again.

I took a bike ride on Sunday before returning to Mobile and you just never know what you might stumble upon while riding.


(Yes this is me)

I came across a gentleman on a pier under a bridge, he was casting for fish.  I watched him as he filled up people’s ice chest full of big fresh mullet. Mike is his name and he has been casting a net for forty years he says.  As I talked with Mike I could tell he was watching the water closely.  I held my cell phone on ready to take his picture casting the net  Everyone knows Mike and he is as friendly as it gets. Suddenly, he threw his net into the water as I snapped this picture!

cast net

 I am in the process of painting this…   :)


I continued the ride for several miles and decided to stop for a drink.  As I am getting off the bike I notice two guys ride swiftly past.  I couldn’t help but notice the bikers outfits they were wearing. Before long we were talking and I am learning more about what they were doing.

It’s called biking for boobies.  To raise money for breast cancer.  They will be traveling across the United States from Florida to Los Angeles, Ca.

These young gentlemen were so nice and friendly I was immediately taken in with them.  Asking them many questions about their journey that they were only 3 days into.  They will be riding their bikes nearly 80 miles a day for 75 days.  They hope to raise 35,000.  you can follow this link and donate. To  learn more about their cause click here.

I gave them a small cash donation and they in turn will put a one line sentence on their outfits.  I immediately knew what I wanted it to say.  ”Scatterjoy” In memory of Kathy.

bike for boobies

Hey Kathy…You would have liked these guys!  

Today…I saw them on the local news station telling their story and raising awareness. In today’s world, it is so refreshing to meet such nice people who are making a difference in their own way.  There are a lot of good people in this world if we just open our eyes and take notice, instead of focusing on the negative.  Good luck Mike and Nate!   God bless you on your journey.

Don’t forget to do something nice today!     

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Sherry L. Cook



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