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And now…the rest of the story

I have to update you of the ongoing story of  “Mike” the guy I met on the pier a few weeks ago.  He was casting a net catching loads of fish and giving them to his friends, neighbors and anyone who wanted them.  I discovered he has been doing this for years, blessing others with his catch. You can read the first part of this story here….     

How two young adults can make a difference.

And now…the rest of the story.

I loved the picture I had taken of Mike so much that I decided to paint it.  Below is the finished product.

casting the net good

casting the net easel1


I wanted to let Mikes friend (Gary) know that I had painted his friends picture,  I found the card he had given to me that day on the pier and I emailed him a photo of the painting.  It wasn’t long before I received a response.


He asked how much I was asking for the painting.  For this size painting I usually ask about 150.00 but I knew this would be way out of his price range and my heart was telling me that it would be wonderful for them to have this painting.  Through emails and a phone conversation with Gary, I learned that Mike was a good guy, always helping others and a hard-working man.  Gary wanted to give Mike the painting for Christmas!

I sold the painting to Gary for 80.00.

I shipped the painting to Gary after I received the paypal payment.  Gary went to my website to purchase it.  He read a little about me and my mission to bring encouragement to others who are facing difficult issues in their lives.  He was then moved to tell me about his own personal issues.  His twin 27-year-old sons are battling a life threatening illness and are now living with him.  They have Friedreich’s Ataxia which affects the muscular system.  There is no cure.

There are no mistakes in this life, we are put in places on purpose to reach out and touch others.  Mike blesses others with his fish, I sent a blessing by the painting and in turn Gary received encouragement from all of this.  Another example of people helping people!

I wish I could be there when Mike receives the painting but I still have that good feeling of knowing that I had a part in making someone happy.

Always be on the lookout for someone who needs a helping hand, an encouraging word or just a smile….remember, we are an army of people helping people!



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