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The mountains are calling…and I must go.

Smoky mountains, here I come!

It’s been four years since my last visit to the western North Carolina mountains.  I love it up there. it has proven to be a place where I can replenish my soul with new energy, fresh ideas and wipe the cobwebs out of the corners of my mind.


(When I returned from my visit four years ago, I was so inspired by the beauty of the fall leaves that I decided to paint this.  This is one of my very first paintings and it means a lot to me.)  

16 x 20 acrylic on canvas


My life has been so unusual and I’ve always felt that there was something I needed to do or say because of my bizarre circumstances.  Growing up with a rare birth defect on my eye and living with the physical abnormality of it was very difficult.  I always wondered why?   Surely something good had to come out of it.

It was the inspiration of the mountains, fall leaves and snowfall of that vacation four years ago when I decided to write my memoirs.  At that time I had no idea what the next few years would bring to me.  I had no concept that I would be getting a new lease on life by having multiple surgeries to make my eye look normal.   As soon as I arrived back home, I began writing.  I wrote about my childhood, school years, raising a family and failed marriage of twenty-one years.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

My book is finished (almost.)   Just a few more corrections and I will be ready to publish with a wonderful ending.



(Another painting of a picture I took four years ago in the Blue-ridge mountains.)



Tying it all together

A week from today…I will be back in the mountains where the book began and the inspiration I found to make changes in my life. I started painting, I built a website ( ) and a blog.  a rejuvenation of my spirit and ultimately the surgeries needed for the physical changes.

I will be traveling with my boyfriend this time and hopefully Jack will experience the inspiration I felt.  I am looking forward to a beautiful week filled with beauty, meditation and fun.

Have you ever experienced a vacation or getaway where you were truly changed in some way?


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