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Season of change

Autumn is a time of change from summer to winter.

road in mountains

                                               .(photo from Beech mountain, N.C.)


I’ve spent the last week in Western N.C. in the blue ridge mountains with very little communication from the outside world.   I’ve had some things on my mind in the past few months that have been cluttering my thoughts and sending negative feelings towards me.

Getting away from your normal environment will give you a new perspective on your goals and  thoughts.  


trees with sun

Life is forever changing….Most of the time, it’s just the weather or decisions we make.  Every once in a while it is a big change either brought about ourselves or merely circumstances.  Whatever the reason…we are always changing.


grandfather mountain


We may not want the change but we are forced through it.  Many times it takes courage and strength to accept these changes.  “Time heals all wounds” they say…does it really?


mountain path

Walking down the path of life gives us wisdom to make better decisions and learn from our mistakes.


back deck view...mountains.

Today is another chance to make better decisions and start over again…fresh and new.


brilliant colors in the mountains

Each leave is a brilliant vibrant color with its own distinctive design.  Put them all together and it makes a beautiful mosaic.    leaving behind the old and  accepting the new.


tree roots

We can learn from this photo….the tree’s roots are growing around the boulder and finally into the ground.   Whatever the obstacle…we can overcome!


ice trees

My last night in the mountains the snow and ice rolled in, making the changes necessary for new growth in the spring.

It may be a long winter of reflection and redirection but the spring will come again with the beauty of revitalization.


Have you made the changes necessary for a more satisfying and happier life?



3 comments on “Season of change

  1. tinemagpayo
    December 26, 2013

    “Time heals all wounds” they say…does it really?” In response to that, (I think I read or heard this somewhere) “All the wounds that time cant heal, love can.” 🙂

    It’s good to have read this post just when the new year is fast-approaching. HAPPY HOLIDAYS,DEAR 🙂

  2. Rusha Sams
    October 28, 2013

    Don’t know when you took these, but we are thinking of a short trip from Knoxville this weekend. If this color is still there, I know where I’m headed!!! Thanks for these beautiful pictures!

    • sherrylcook
      October 28, 2013

      The pictures were taken last week on and around Beech mtn. N.C. near Boone. I hope the frost and snow did not kill the leaves…we left the day after the snow. It was beautiful!

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