New Visions

"Seeing" things a little differently


I know…it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted in my blog.

If anyone out there in cyperland has even noticed, I haven’t posted an article in this blog for three weeks!

Don’t worry (I’m sure you are worried sick) have no fear, I am OK.  I haven’t gone on vacation or gotten in a car accident, God forbid.   I’ve just been plain ole busy!

Busy is good!


photo by krystinacash


My art business has been hopping lately, I was commissioned to do two extra pet portraits along with all of my prior orders.  If you like art, inspirational quotes and how the creative process works in all of us, you are invited to join my Facebook page here…


I’ve also been fine tuning my personal website, making it more accessible to navigate around. I would love for each and every person reading this post to take a look and join it.

If all that is not enough I have developed a brand new website for the sole purpose of providing information to people with vision issues.  If you or someone you know is dealing with eye problems, you can go here and find all kinds of great links to websites and articles.

A Blind eyes View | Seeing things a little differently


I still work a full-time job while  pursuing my art business after hours.  I have been preparing for Christmas and  meeting new and interesting people along the way.


I also have an etsy store that you can access here… 🙂



I told you I was Busy!

If you are as busy as I am…let’s all take a deep breath.   slowly exhale…relax.

Ready, Set, Go!!

Do what you have to do to make it all work out.


What have YOU been busy doing?   I would love to hear about it!   Or do you have the time to comment?


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