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Did you say SNOW?


I know, I know…you are thinking to yourself. What has this blog been up to? Haven’t heard from this one in awhile.

Well… Here it is… BUSY, a nice kind of busy. My time is divided into increments, each increment is a different part of my life.
I have my daughters and granddaughters, each living in different areas. My day job that pays the bills and provides me insurance. Family members, relationship and my art, the part I would love to do everyday.

I’ve had the opportunity to paint several commissions recently and work on projects at the day job that stirs my creativity. Sure makes the day go faster when you enjoy what you do.

Now … Here I sit in my own place with the heater blasting warm air all around me. A rarity has occurred! I find myself with two days off of work in the middle of the week because they say it’s going to snow here? SNOW? Did I hear snow?
That’s what all the weather maps say. The last time I can remember a good snow in my town was around 1977. It just doesn’t snow much on the Gulf Coast. If it does, it certainly doesn’t stay long.

Everyone is preparing for the big Arctic blast to hit the gulf area…my area being in southern Alabama, we don’t have salt trucks because we really never need them…
Until now.
So the city guys asked the county guys to borrow the area farmers tractors to spread sand on the bridges. SAND? Does that work like salt?
The area schools have been shut down, the city offices are closed and I’M OFF!

So here I sit, cooking chili, (that’s what you cook when it gets cold don’t you?)

I will take advantage of this time by getting caught up with painting my creations and doing small chores. What a blessing to be given time to unwind! This life is getting better by the minute!

I might even pop open a bottle of wine tonight, glass of wine, art and music.

Ya’ll go ahead and look for snow… I’m eating chili and creating something!!’
(It IS starting to get cold outside). Brrrrrrr.

Sherry L. Cook



One comment on “Did you say SNOW?

  1. diannegray
    January 28, 2014

    Keep warm, Sherry! I love the fact that this has given you some time to get creative and eat and drink the good stuff. Well done 😉

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