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The final countdown (my book)

The end of my book is within sight!


As I read through the pages one last time looking for mistake to correct. I get a sense of finalization. I am almost at the end of a process that has taken me  four years to complete.


book write pic



Four years of remembering my past, re-living small details to put on paper. These memories will be relived in each readers mind as they read my story. I sometimes speculate if my life has been interesting enough to put in a book. Will the readers be disappointed?  Will my writing come under great scrutiny? I am sure that it will, I know that I can never please everyone.

My goal in writing my memoirs is to share my experiences, feelings and lessons learned from  it all.  My perception of living a life with all of its normal ups and downs plus add in the fact that I lived with a physical deformity and  nearsightedness most of my life.  I tried to live the most normal life I could.

If one person finds comfort and encouragement within the pages, it will have all been worth it.  Ultimately, this is my personal letter to my grandchildren and their children.  I want them to be more aware of the present moment and take what life has to offer. Make it worth something and make it count.

When I finally see my words in print with the front and back cover , I hope I can be proud of my work and know in these pages my personal memories are forever recorded.



Yes, this is the final countdown, I will begin printing soon.


Another bucket list item checked off my list!

Sherry L. Cook


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