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Twist of Fate

Futures Past

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? How close or far are you from that vision?

For those of you that really know me, you understand why I am participating in this daily Post titled “Futures Past.”




My past includes a wonderful family, a few very good friends and memories of playing with the  neighborhood kids from dawn till dusk, on our dead-end dirt road surrounded by miles of woods.  It was an easy way of life for most southern children.  My only problem was that I was born with a very rare  birth defect called congenital coloboma which affects the eyes in 1 out of 10,000 births.  My particular case was very extreme causing me to have a physical abnormality, as well as low vision causing everyone to notice my eye immediately.

Growing up in the midst of long stares, questions about my eye and comments from some very rude people, it forced me to become very sensitive and timid in front of others.  But in the confines of my safe place…my home or my room.   I dreamed of being a dancer on stage behind a famous singer.  I dreamed of marrying Elvis Presley or becoming a beautiful famous performer.   My biggest dream was to look normal….with two matching eyes.  

As a child…knowing that my vision could turn for the worse at any time but not really knowing if it ever would.  I vowed that every minute of every day would be used “seeing” things.   Seeing it for what it truly is…finding the beauty in everything.   I feared becoming blind and one day regretting that I never really looked hard at the ocean or rainbow so I could etch the memory in my mind for future reference.  That’s some heavy thinking for an 8-year-old kid.  

Living…Isn’t that what we ALL need to do?

You see the phrases on face book, twitter, LinkedIn or anything else techy…

Live for the moment!      

Today is the day!  

 Only now counts…use it!  

Back when I was a kid….this is exactly what I was trying to do.  But…the negative side to this is… I never felt as though I truly “fit” in many situations,  I made mistakes routinely because of my low vision ( perfect training in humility 101).  I hated being different and putting up with stares from people all day everyday.



Today…at fifty-three, I have a job, two children, 4 grandchildren, many wonderful friends, a wonderful guy friend and I am fulfilling every passion I can think of!

I’ve owned and operated a dance studio for 20 years, work full-time for a vocational  rehabilitation center for less fortunate people with mental and physical disabilities.  I divide my off time between my relationships and my passion for art.  I paint landscapes, pet portraits and light abstract paintings.

None of this has happened without the complications of everyday life….called distractions, divorce and  reality.   As I continue my journey into my path of life…I find myself stronger than ever, wiser than ever and continuing to seek happiness in everything.

The icing on the cake

learning to deal with the fate of my life story…(and I seriously wondered why  many times).  At the age of fifty..fate stepped into my life again and introduced me to a wonderful surgeon that took an interest into my situation.  She performed three surgeries and I got an artificial eye that looks better than a real one.

Overnight it seems, I looked normal for the first time in my life.  As I walked through a store no one stared.  I wasn’t being asked by little children…”what’s wrong with your eye?”    As my confidence grew and life became so much fun that I couldn’t hardly stand it.  I decided it was time to write my story.

My memoirs will be ready for publish in the next few short weeks.  I’m relieved, excited, fearful and very happy to have filled this bucket list dream.   I have many more “things to do” on my bucket list but that’s for another article and you can believe me when I say….It will not be another book!!!!


Sherry L. Cook






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