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Taking your trust back

Why do we automatically trust?  Is it a spiritual thing that we are born with?

As children, we find an adult that is in our lives and we trust them with our entire being.  What they say, how they act and what they do resonates with us forever.  Hopefully that person is trustworthy and doesn’t take advantage of us.

.child trusting father

.Depending on our experiences growing up, we either trust more or trust less.  It seems people of authority get the most trust.

Here are a few examples of automatically trusting others.

1. Doctors diagnose you with an illness.

2. Friends

3. Spouse’s or significant others.

4. Police

5. Politicians

6. News commentators

7. Magazines

8. Google

9  Social Media

Why do we immediately tend to believe the information we receive?

Do we not have the ability to think critically of  the information we receive?

.despite the low levels of trust found in the 2014 edelman trust ....

Relationship trust –

In general, most human interactions are based on a strong and almost blind trust. People who choose to trust tend to be happier, better liked by others, and more ethical than less trusting people. “I’ll trust them until they do me wrong” is a foundation for people who trust freely. When the stakes are raised higher, trust may be broken. Still, trusting people forgive readily as soon as they can understand the other person’s problems or what made them deviate from their normal pattern. Trusting is another form of giving love, and like all giving, it comes from overflow. A person can hardly give from emptiness. We are happier when we deliberately choose to trust. Trust is a risk to take willingly because it makes people move toward love and away from fear. For that reason alone, trust is a defense in itself.

Sometimes we may be annoyed by a new friend for being on the reserved side, but we have to understand that each individual is so complex and has so many experiences, feelings, needs, opinions, etc. that he can’t possibly reveal all sides of himself to a new acquaintance. So, he plays a role or at least shows only parts of his real self. Why does he hide parts of himself? Why do we all? Probably because of fear of rejection and our own sensitivity or vulnerability. From what we see of each other, we form a concept of each other, which is usually incomplete and sometimes faulty.

Media, Medical and Mundane

Have you ever been on Facebook and you see a two-headed Alligator killing cats?  The odds are it just isn’t true.  There are people everywhere that get a kick out of making these photo shopped pictures and videos to spread for us trusting people to see.

.Two-Headed Crocodile


Doctors take a multitude of tests to determine a diagnose, it’s a process…eliminating other illnesses until they make an educated guess.  Still…we believe them.   When your air conditioner man works on your system and recites a list of problems to be repaired.  We take it for granted he is being truthful to us because we don’t know any better.

Where do we draw the line?

There are times we MUST trust and there are times when we MUST be critical.  Look for answers in different places to gather as  much information as you can.


Trust your gut instincts. Rely on your common knowledge. Research and depend on your own ability to make the right decisions.

Gaining trust is a reward for responsible behavior and an indication of cooperation. It is said, “Trust is earned.” 

We may not trust fully the way our towns work, yet we still put out our garbage on given days, try to keep our lawns clean, and act our best in our own neighborhoods. In general, people who trust have better interpersonal relationships. People who don’t trust tend to be more angry, competitive, and resentful.


We are happier when we deliberately choose to trust. Trust is a risk to take willingly because it makes people move toward love and away from fear. For that reason alone, trust is a defense in itself.

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