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A creative person always has a dilemma.

It’s either “What shall I paint, write, make or do?”  Can I make my creation better?  Am I satisfied with the outcome?   How do we know we are actually finished with a project?  Especially if we keep going back to add something here and there.


abstract tree


My latest passion is painting.  I paint on canvas, wood, paper and glass.  Years ago I was a dance teacher,  I was always making up new dance steps and choreographing new routines.


Lyrical dancer


I can only speak for myself here but in the midst of my creativeness I find myself living a chaotic lifestyle.  I work best among the mess and clutter.  If I could only find that certain brush I need.




People often wonder how I have the patience to complete a painting…I really can’t answer that.  I love to paint, so why wouldn’t I want to do it all day long?


Island crane


As you can see, I paint mostly realism… that’s what I enjoy.




I love to paint animals,  I like to capture the personality in each.


Bayou Sunset

Bayou Sunset


I’ve painted a few homes as well, where people live their daily lives…There’s no place like home.


Home picture



Sand Island Lighthouse


I paint what the mood strikes me.



The interesting thing is my paintings have depth to them…I can only see out of one eye and my eyesight is very poor in the other eye!   Just goes to show that you can do anything you want to do.


Lake house


This is one of my first paintings ever…




Is it a fairy-tale to think I could possibly make a living at this?


red hairgood




Thank you for viewing my art!   Come join any of my websites…

Sherry L. Cook



Remember to buy from your  local artist this year for the holidays…better yet…buy from ME this Christmas!


I’m not all that artsy, smartsy….just a bit creative tis all….


You can catch me on my FB page here…


My Etsy shop here –  NewVisionsart


You can buy my book here – A Blind Eye’s View: Seeing Things a Little Differently    at Amazon.



















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