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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Thank you frankoshanko How sweet of you to nominate me for this award! Ten years ago I would have never believed that I would be inspiring to anyone! My goal now is to inspire others to make their lives better in some small way. So to think that I have done so makes my heart smile! Yay!

I always look forward to reading frankoshanko posts, he writes with meaning and depth. His curiousity about life is real and his spirituality is undeniable. Visit his site, you will be glad you did!


I have found much inspiration in many of the blogs I’ve read Thank you to all of you! At the risk of omission, I’ll still list a few here:

where’smyT-backandotherstories This blog is very informative, factual and humorous at times. It is dedicated to patients and family members who encounter Alzheimer’s Disease which is the most common dementia but just as vicious, tedious and tormenting as the other dementia.It is never easy. This blog is also for those of us who are confronted with aging issues – aging parents, aging co-worker, aging spouse, aging body, aging world.


I am NOT just a fat girl – This blog is certainly a realistic look at someone who is on a journey of changing her lifestyle. Her goal is to get healthy and lose weight. follow her triumphs and struggles along the way.


Coach Crystal’s Padawan – Healthy living is the name of the game with this publication! A fresh, humorous and sometimes serious look at various ways to inspire others on their health journey.


hovercraftdoggy – If you enjoy photos that are creative, bizarre, uses your imagination and is just “out there” you will love this site. I look forward to seeing the new and exciting photos that are posted almost daily.



Random facts about me:

  1. I am southern born and southern bred living on the Gulf Coast in Alabama. (Roll Tide!)
  2. I am passionate about living a balanced life and loving my family.
  3. I am very competitive, give me a challenge that ignites me and I am on fire!
  4. My day job is working with people who are mentally and physically challenged. I am waiting for the “moment” when I will pursue a writing and motivational speaking career and selling my art on the side.
  5. I believe in lasting love. My heart is willing.
  6. I’ve been given the opportunity to experience two different sides of life that not many people get to experience. I am in the final phase of writing my memoirs.
  7. I owned and operated a clogging (dance) studio for seventeen years, we even danced on the grand ole opry.




Here are the rules for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award:

(1) thank the blogger who nominated you (2) include the links to their blogs, (3) include the award image in your post, (4) copy the award image to your site, (5) give seven random facts about yourself, (6) nominate 15 other bloggers for the award, (7) when nominating other bloggers include the links to their sites, and (7) let those bloggers know they’ve been nominated


4 comments on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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  2. Zen and Genki
    May 22, 2012

    Congrats! Very deserved 🙂

  3. nikky44
    May 19, 2012


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